Friday, December 27, 2013

Guide Dog Vocabulary

Everyone knows that guide dogs are extremely intelligent, and our Hebrew-comprehending guide dogs understand a wide variety of commands. These include mobility commands, obedience commands (such as those understood by pet dogs) and a special group of location commands. There is really no limit to what guide dogs can learn, and their ability to memorize routes that are familiar is matched by their ability to remember these routes by name. We can command our dogs to find things that are useful such as a mailbox, a garbage can, a bench, an empty seat on the train platform, an empty chair in the doctor's waiting room, a drinking fountain, or the door to a house that we visit frequently. For those of you wyo are interested, here's a list of the commands that all our guide dogs know. Turn Right – “Yemina” – ימינה Straight – Yashar – ישר Move sideways to the left – “Hatzidah” – הצידה Move sideways to the right – “P'nimah” – פנימה Back – “A-cho-ra” – אחורה Straight to the curb – "Yashar Lamidracha" ישר למדרכה Come – “Aylai” – אלי Sit – “Shev” – שב Heel – “Ragli” – רגלי Stay – “Hee’-sha’-er” – הישאר Lay Down – “Artza” – ארצה No – “Lo!” – לא To your place – “Lamakom” – למקום Go Faster – “Hup-Hup” – האפ האפ Slow down – “Le-at” – לאט Halt/Stop – “Amode” – עמוד Command to relieve – “Busy Busy” – ביזי ביזי Good Dog! – “Kelev Tov” – כלב טוב Go to the door. "Ladelet" לדלת Find a chair/bench/seat "Kee-say" כסא Find a garbage can – "Pach" פח Find the mailbox - "Do-ar" דואר Go to the elevator – "La'ma'alit" למעלית Go to the stairs – "Lamadregot" למדרגות Go outside "Hachutza" החוצה Direction commands can be combined with locations, such as "Go right to the door and go outside" Yamina ladelet v'hachutza. ימינה לדלת והחוצה, Go left and find a chair Smolah lakisay, שמאלה לכסא Yashar lama'alit – straight to the elevator ישר למעלית No wonder these wonderful dogs help us so much!

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