Wednesday, November 12, 2014

A small step for a guide dog puppy......זהו צעד קטן לגור נחייה

but a big step for guide dogs in Israel! A new law, sponsored by M.K. Dov Lipman of Yesh Atid, calls for guide dog puppies in training to be allowed to enter public places - just like qualified guide dogs! During their first year of life, guide dog puppies live with adoptive families, who take them everywhere and expose them to shopping malls, restaurants, public transportation, and other surroundings they will need to deal with when they are qualified guide dogs in the future. If passed, the law will ensure that guide dog puppies experience these important places and not be turned away by people claiming that trainers and adoptive families are not blind, and therefore don't have the right to bring their dogs to public places. Thanks to M.K. Dov Lipman for sponsoring this law, and for his continued support of Israel Guide Dog Center for the Blind! For those of you who do not speak Hebrew, the video shows M.K> Lipman explaining the necessity of the Law during the first reading in the Knesset. אבל צעד גדול לכלבי נחייה בישראל! תודה לח"כ דב ליפמן לתמיכה שלו במרכז הישראלי לכלבי נחייה!

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