Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Small Kids Raise a Big Contribution!

Most schools celebrate every child's birthday during the year by asking each child to bring a small gift to every other child in the class - a custom that adds up to a significant outlay for parents, and often results in a lot of small but superfluous gifts for the children.  This year Ronit Shachar's first grade class at the A.D. Gordon School in Herzliya decided to do something different - they opted, together with their parents, to donate half of the birthday money to charity.  After searching on the Internet for a suitable charity, preferably something having to do with dogs, they found us.  
Yesterday Bracha brought Dinka to Ronit's 1st grade class to speak to the children and to thank them for their contribution of NIS 3600.  These kids not only know a lot more about the importance of guide dogs for the blind, but have also assimilated the importance of giving to others.  Kol Hakavod to Ronit, the parents, and the first graders!  The card says: "We, the pupils of the first grade class of the A.D. Gordon School, present you with this contribution that we collected from our birthday fund throughout the year - NIS 3600.  We ask that you use this money for guide dogs to help the blind.   Thank you for your cooperation!

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