Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Small Gifts from Big - Hearted Kids!

Since 2009 the Center has employed the clicker training method, which is based upon the idea of positive reinforcement of good behavior.  The method uses a clicker that makes a distinctive click to "mark" good behavior, followed by a food reward.  Puppies and guide dogs in training learn faster with this method and are highly motivated to do their job as guide dogs.  Our guide dog users are also taught to use clicker training to reinforce good behavior and to teach their dogs to locate useful locations such as the entrance to the bank or grocery store, and to lead their handlers to useful objects such as an empty seat on the train platform, a mailbox, or even an ATM machine.
What is more useful for a puppy walker or a guide dog handler than a bag to store treats when working outside?  Students from Jewish schools in London and Manchester provided a useful solution for carrying treats: They decorated small zippered treat bags for our puppies in training.  Each bag is decorated with a student's drawing or puppy's name.
Thanks to the students for their wonderful handiwork and for their thoughtfulness!

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