Thursday, March 23, 2017

Our Staff on a Day Off in Ramla

Ramla is a Jewish - Arab city only a half hour's drive from the Center, but it's one of those places in Israel that many people overlook.  On Wednesday the entire center staff took the day off for a guided tour of Ramla.  We soon learned that Ramla is a colorful multi - ethnic city with a fascinating history.
 We began the tour at the Great Mosque where our guide gave us a short history of the building, which was originally built as a Basilica.  We then continued into the marketplace where we tasted samples of some of the local cuisine.  From there we walked to the White Tower and then descended into an underground cavern where we rowed about in small boats beneath the arched ceiling.  By that time we were all hungry and so we made our way to a Bukharin restaurant to end the day with lunch.
Thanks to Efrat for organizing the fun day!  

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