Friday, July 7, 2017

Getting to Know and Appreciate Our Volunteers

Volunteers have always played an important part in the daily life of the Center.  They help in the kennels and kitchen, provide leisure activities for course participants, help in the office, guide tours for visitors, run errands, and ride with the Canvelo cycling clubs.  Some raise puppies and foster pension guide dogs.  They are everywhere every day, and they deserve our thoughts and appreciation!
Gal Lee Danon, who is in charge of volunteers, decided it is time for us to show our appreciation of the work our volunteers do and to get to know them better.  She prepares a short PowerPoint presentation about one or two of our volunteers to be presented at the monthly staff meetings.  The presentations show each volunteer, what they do at the center and outside it, their hobbies, and interests.  This month Gal Lee presented two of our volunteers: Nancy and Eyal. 
Thanks to Gal Lee for her important work and for the thoughtful way of getting to know our volunteers better! 
In other news, work on the construction has been renewed and is progressing rapidly.  Against the background of construction noise dogs are taken to train in the early morning to avoid the summer heat, visitors from Israel and abroad tour the center as families take their children on vacation, and a special summer course will begin next week with three experienced graduates receiving replacement dogs.  We wish everyone success! Drink lots of water, keep cool!   Here is a short video taken by Noach.  As you can see, despite the heat, life at the Center is thriving!

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