Monday, September 5, 2016

Latest News about Our Staff

Lots of advancements and changes are taking place in the center staff this year!  In August we said goodbye to Eli Ben-Boher, who has been working at the center since 2003.  Eli was in charge of our puppy raisers, and also contributed a great deal to the center with his wonderful talent as a photographer.  We wish Eli and his family success in the future!
Dana Halperin has replaced Eli as director of our puppy raisers.  Dana traveled to Great Britain last June to enrich her training with Britich Guide Dogs and learned a lot that she will need to know in her new job.  We wish her success!  
Vered, who was originally designated to be an apprentice trainer together with Hilla Ben Meir, will instead be joining Dana as part of the puppy raising staff and will be certified in April, 2017.. 
Meanwhile, congratulations are in order to Hilla Ben Meir, who has completed the theoretical portion of her three – year training as a guide dog trainer and mobility instructor. 
Congratulations also to Yoav has completed his training and is now a full-fledged guide dog trainer and mobility instructor! 
We also welcome Yelena, who has joined the kennel staff.

Congratulations to all and success in your work!
Photos: Dana in the UK, Vered, Hila, and Yoav at work

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